Clearview Stoves

One of the leading manufacturers of wood burning stoves. Made in Ludlow, UK Clearview stoves are known for there stable manufacturer, modern technology, controllability & stunning traditional design.

If you’re looking for quality then these are the stoves for you, built in heavy steel they are very efficient in heating up your home quickly with a large refractory lined firebox and ease of control it makes igniting the stove simple and fast. They are made with precision welding inside and out, for airtight construction, durability and lifespan.

A real unique selling point for the Clearview Stoves is its exceptional hot air wash system, which no other manufacturer can compete with. It large double glazed window can stay free of soot and tar for months on end without cleaning by hand, meaning less maintenance, hassle and the ability to view the beautiful roaring flames created in the stove without the glass blackening. Even when all the air vents are completely shut this is still possible, meaning overnight burning can be possible with any of the stoves in the range.