Wood Burning Stove Installation

Are you tired of a cold drafty home? Does winter have you chilled to the bone even inside your house? Let us help! We have the answer that you are looking for to make your home a nice, cosy, comfortable place that you’ll look forward to Returning to after a hard days work!

Our professionals here at Yorkshire Stoves have both the knowledge and experience that is needed to help you find just the right stove that fits your lifestyle, home decor and heating needs and we want to be the ones to help you with that stove installation. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with heating solutions that are considered both ‘green’ and economical while at the same time making your home warm and inviting.

Wood Burning Stove Installation

Stove Installation In Yorkshire

Looking for HETAS registered stove installers in Yorkshire we can help you out with our in-house fitting team, click on the link below for more information.

Ready For a Site Visit?

Once you have made the decision to have a wood burner installed, we are a phone call or a web visit away! We will send an experienced team member to your home, do a thorough site survey to analyze your home’s particular situation and map out a plan that will work best for you.

Stove Installation To Regulations

Our experts have HETAS approved certification and are trained to conduct all installations within HETAS regulations and guidelines. If you have a previously installed fireplace with chimney, we can likely install an attractive insert unit in the existing opening or even do some building work to rectify the opening to fit the stove you like if that is what you’re looking for. If you don’t have currently have a chimney, we can determine the best and most efficient location for a

freestanding unit and install it for you along with HETAS approved twin wall system either with a false chimney or without. Whichever option works best for your situation, you can rest assured that the job will be done professionally, to your satisfaction and right the very first time!

Our team will make sure that your project complies with local regulations. For example, New climate change regulations require that new a new stove installation be in compliance with all new Clean Air Act standards, some locations require smoke free emissions and in such cases, we can provide clean burning stoves which are approved for these areas. We will research local safety and building regulations to assure that our stoves and the installation process is done correctly, meet those required regulations and are done with the utmost care. We guarantee that our work will pass all safety and regulation Inspections!

We supply some of the highest quality stoves available on the market and will meet the strictest of environmental standards in the world.

Chimney Lining

For installations involving existing chimneys, we will fit the chimney with a stainless steel flue liner beginning at the stove insert connecting vent and extending to the chimney exit point above the roofline. We will make sure that all connections are done safely, tight and leak free to assure that no dangerous emissions will escape into your home. We will do all necessary smoke tests to ensure that the flue is, in fact, airtight and has no leaks. Safety is our number one priority.

DIY Stove Installation, Leave it to the professionals

We cannot stress the importance of having a wood burning stove installation done professionally. While there are many handymen who could likely install the stove as a do it yourself project, it is important to note that if done incorrectly, the results will not pass inspection, and can be very dangerous, possibly even life threatening! Your family’s safety is important and the small savings in doing the project yourself or having it done by experts is simply not worth the risk! An installation done wrong can bring about tragic results!

Why Choose Yorkshire Stoves Direct?

Yorkshire Stoves promise is to treat you, the customer, in the same manner that we would want to be treated ourselves. We know how to properly install our products in the safest manner to protect our loved ones and we want to offer that same level protection and caring to you and your family. We’ll do this at a very competitive price and give you the best service you can find. Our team works very professionally, yet are friendly and will work with you on your schedule, not ours! Our technicians are experienced and HETAS approved, so you’ll know you’re getting the best installers available!

Along with installation of our stoves, we can also offer carbon monoxide detectors, another safety feature to further protect you and your family! We recommend these items with all wood burning stoves whether we do the installations or not. It’s never a bad investment to add those extra little layers of protection for you and you family!

Book a Site Visit With Us

Give us a call for an onsite evaluation. We can guide you through the steps and help you determine if a wood burning stove is right for you and you family. We will lay out all the pros and cons of the different types and styles of the stoves that we have available and help you make the decision which will work best for your situation. We feel that making the decision to buy a wood burning stove is an important purchase. We want to be there for you to see that it is done right and once we have installed your stove we want to be there for you should you need help or simply have questions that need answered. Our promise to you is that we will offer this support for as long as you need us. We want you and your family to remain safe and have years of use and comfort from your wood burner.

Our Goals

We want to be your first and only choice in wood burning stove professionals and we will gladly work with you in all ways to make sure you are satisfied before we walk out your door. We feel that a happy customer is a repeat customer and we want that relationship with you! We want you to tell your friends, “ They went out of their way to take care of us!”

So why not give us a call today. Let us help you make that cold go away and make your home into a warm, cozy and money saving place to live!